Top-Tiered Local, Regional, and National Coverage

Earned Media to Explode Your Message

Generate Coverage That Others Do Not... Actually, Reach the Stars!

The ultimate goal of media relations is to obtain coverage for a client without paying the media for that coverage. At ARKM Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed ability to garner top-tiered local, regional, and national coverage for our clients --- earned as opposed to paid.

In Studio Interviews

An in-studio interview is a budget-friendly way to convey a brand’s message in a specific geographic region, where the spokesperson (or spokespeople) are available to go into a television station’s studio for a live or taped interview.

Depending on coverage goals, in-studio interviews can be booked as one-offs in a single market or multiples - in various markets. At ARKM Business Solutions, we book outlets that simply put - others cannot, and do not. Our tenacity, our drive, our ability to get the in-studio coverage we get, put us steps above the rest.

Pitching Satellite Media Tours (SMTs)

A satellite media tour consists of numerous television interviews in a finite (usually 2 to 5-hour) period of time. Satellite media tours allow a spokesperson (or spokespeople) to be interviewed by multiple stations from a single site – without the need to travel from station to station. Television stations are given 5 to 10-minute windows of time to conduct their interview, either live, live-to-tape, or taped. Satellite Media Tours generally contain 12-30 interviews, across a span of markets. At ARKM, we pride ourselves on our ability to book the highest-tiered outlets in the industry.

Pitching Radio Media Tours (RMTs)

A radio media tour is a series of radio interviews allowing a spokesperson (or spokespeople) to be interviewed by multiple stations via phone.

Depending on the spokesperson’s (or spokespeople’s) availability, radio tours are conducted during a finite amount of time (usually 2-5 hours) in a given day - or they are conducted over the course of several days.

At ARKM Business Solutions, where others cannot get an SMT booked, we can.

On-Site event pitching

Whether a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a press conference, or a red carpet event, on-site coverage brings reporters to you! This allows for local or even national coverage of your event, your company – and most importantly, your message.

Assignment desks are scurrying to get their reporters out to “news” (fires, crimes, etc.) that matters. At ARKM Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on conveying why your event is news that matters!

B-Roll pitching

Depending on your target demographic, we can pitch your B-Roll nationally – regionally - or to selected markets. At ARKM, we do what it takes to ensure that your B-Roll and/or soundbites are seen and heard by your desired audience.

Sizzle Reels

Showcase your brand with a 1-to-3 minute video that combines visuals, audio, and messaging from the various interviews we secure.

This fast-paced, stylized overview of the interviews conducted makes for a great addition to any marketing campaign, and can be added to your brand’s website, and/or shared on social media.

Press Release Services

Are you looking to get your message out to the media - but don’t know where to begin? At ARKM Business Solutions, we are here to help guide you through the process of

1) creating a newsworthy story that will generate traction, and

2) putting that story onto paper – in the form of a media alert that can be shared with journalists.

Whether hiring us to do outreach or not, we are happy to talk through the creative process. We know how to get coverage – and know that good coverage starts with a good media alert.